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Side grinder COMANDULLI system 180

Side grinder COMANDULLI system 180

Side grinder COMANDULLI system 180

Product Code:COMANDULLI system180
Availability:In Stock

Year of manufacture 1994

Power 11 Kw

Number of grinding heads 1

Grinding wheel diameter 100 - 125 mm

Tool change manual

Working table length 3200 mm

Pneumatic cylinder for turning stone

Electrical connection 380 V, 50Hz

Required compressed air pressure 8 bar

Required water pressure 11 bar

The machine is fully functional. The feed rate potentiometer needs to be changed. The aluminum tips on the longitudinal slide must be restored.

Pneumatic pressure rollers are missing, there are only two pieces on the machine. I bought new pneumatic cylinders (value of new cylinders 1200, - Eur), I will add to the machine.

The pneumatic stone lift pedal needs a refurbishment. Leaking of hydraulic hoses should be addressed.

Computer control is fully functional. The grinder makes both semi-arches and quarter-arches.

Price 6900, - Eur with VAT

Loading by crane and transport up to 500, - Eur is included. Reason for sale - purchase of a new grinder. By September 2019, the grinder was working at full capacity.


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