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ANTICO Polishing discs, 250 mm

ANTICO Polishing discs, 250 mm

ANTICO Polishing discs, 250 mm

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Tools for finishing with stone, ancient - antique effect. Coarsest granularity Hair (# 24) select a soft component in the stone, resulting in an uneven relief surface. Following grain sizes (# 36 and # 60) and gently obliterate completes matte finish. Using the following grit to provide for a satin finish semi-glossy to glossy finish (depending on the material).
The tool is designed for use in wet conditions.

We recommend before working roughened surface of a grinding wheel, sanding or Bush hamer.

100 to 125 mm - M14, with classic thread for conventional angle grinders.
100 mm - SF, mounting BOSH, or "snail lock" for easy handling with clamping tools
200-250 mm for common shoulder grinders, Velcro
FICKERT - for fixed and pivot head fickertove
FRANKFURT - For shoulder and floor sanders

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