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For construction

For construction

Bush hammer, 125 mm

Bush hammer head for working - roughen the smooth surface of the stone. For handheld machines.The in..

181.20€ Ex Tax: 151.00€

181.20€ Ex Tax: 151.00€

Cutting disc for masonry, TT RED M14

New, improved Turbo Titan cutting disc model (black).Suitable for hard and soft jelly.Diamond cutter..

From 40.80€ Ex Tax: 34.00€

Grinding wheel AL, #30 #100 - 100, 125, 150 mm

Choose a tool diameter and grain size from the menu.Description:Tool for rough machining of natural ..

From 63.36€ Ex Tax: 52.80€

RR/1, polishing wax

A warm, dry and long-lasting polish can be achieved with RR/1 which will last through several cleani..

15.00€ Ex Tax: 12.50€

15.00€ Ex Tax: 12.50€

The flexible polishing disc 3-STEP CONCRETE, 100-125-150-180 mm

6 mm rough diamond disk for dry concrete treatment, terrazzo, high gloss stoneware. Just in three st..

From 19.90€ Ex Tax: 16.58€

Bush hammer, 150 mm

Bush hammer head for working - roughen the smooth surface of the stone. For handheld machines.The in..

194.40€ Ex Tax: 162.00€

194.40€ Ex Tax: 162.00€

Core drill, 5/4"

Core drills for professional use.Drive: 5/4Segment: Reinforced concrete..

From 83.64€ Ex Tax: 69.70€

Cutting disc for masonry-reinforced concrete, TURBO SEGMENT

Description: High quality diamond cutting disc designed for use in dry conditions. Laser welded segm..

From 48.00€ Ex Tax: 40.00€

Diamond drill, G1/2 "

Drill bits for hard work in stone, concrete / rebarWorking depth: 300 mmMachine: core drilling machi..

From 63.60€ Ex Tax: 53.00€

Bush hammer M14 VB, 150 mm

Bush hammer for hand-held grinders suitable for machining - roughening smooth surface of stone with ..

198.00€ Ex Tax: 165.00€

198.00€ Ex Tax: 165.00€

Grinding wheel Cup BETON, 125-150-180 mm

Choose from a selection tool diameter!description:Aggressive tool for the treatment of dry and wet c..

From 100.20€ Ex Tax: 83.50€

Saw blades Asphalt-Beton

Peak cut-off wheels on asphalt. Long life, rapid cutSegment Turbo provides good cooling, rust faster..

From 189.60€ Ex Tax: 158.00€

Saw blades for reinforced concrete, 10 mm

Top cutting discs for reinforced concrete.Long life, rapid cut.Professional tool...

From 176.40€ Ex Tax: 147.00€

Cutting blades for green concrete, 10 mm

Top cutting discs into the fresh concrete. Long life, rapid cutSegment 12, 24, 48 hours..

From 176.40€ Ex Tax: 147.00€

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